St. Nicholas church. Novhorod-Siverskyi. 2013.

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    Wooden five-section St. Nicholas Church built in 1720 is a prominent monument of Ukrainian ethnic architecture and one of the oldest surviving  wooden church on the Left Bank of Ukraine. The church located on one of the spurs of the Novhorod-Siverskyi hill and gives a feeling of  strength, energy and visual pleasure to a person nearby for three hundred years.
    + Camera Sigma DP2, 41 mm
    + Exposure f /8, 1/250 s
    + 09/11/2013, 12:59AM
    + Edition size 38×33 cm.


    Geometry of south. 2011.

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    Armenian Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, Lviv, Ukraine. A contrast of hot temperament of caucasians and the strict architecture of their temples is striking. Though the ancient Armenian cathedral also contrasts with the surrounding architecture in the center of a European-baroque Lviv. The world is woven of opposites that complement each other creating harmony.

    + Camera Sigma DP2, 41 mm
    + Exposure f /7.1, 1/250 s
    + 10/19/2011, 12:35AM
    + Edition size 38×33 cm.


    St. Andrew’s Church. Kyiv. 2014.

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    Churches in Ukraine is located traditionally impressing by their appearance and admiring. There is no exception of exquisite baroque St. Andrew’s Church in Kyiv created by the famous architect of Bartolomeo Rasstrelli in the middle of the 18th century. The one built on the edge of the St. Andrew’s hill, on the site where St. Andrew was built the first Christian cross in Russ according to tradition, is bathed in the setting sun every night. When viewed from a snowbound hill slope in the winter it seems that the church is hovering in the sky and move upwards…

    + Camera Fujifilm X-E1, lens Fujinon XF18-55, 27 mm
    + Exposure f/11, 1/70 s
    + 12/04/2014, 3:28PM
    + Edition sizes 67×50, 52×39 and 37x28 cm.


    St. Paraskeve church. Chernihiv. 2011.

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    St. Paraskeve (Pyatnytska) church in Chernihiv, Ukraine, built in 12-13th centuries.

    + Camera Sigma DP2, 41 mm
    + Exposure f/7.1, 1/200 s
    + 05/09/2011, 4:50РM
    + Edition sizes 27×41 cm.

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