Parks and forests


    Autumn rainbow. 2016.

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    Nature is constantly ready to give us its beauty. And the rainbow that appeared chilly rainy autumn day over golden young birches and slender
    pine trees can not leave a person indifferent. Quick spectacle lasting less than a minute fulfilled by feelings and sensations.

    Rainbow over the pine forest near the village of Sunychne, Chernihiv-Sivershchyna.

    + Camera Fujifilm X-E1, lens Fujinon XF18-55, 42 mm
    + Exposure f/11, 1/150 s
    + 10/29/2016, 2:23PM
    + Edition sizes 55х37 and 41×27 cm


    Chernihiv – the city of parks. 2015.

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    Any city, if someone spent a sufficient time in it, could be described by a single word that expresses the essence and the “soul” of the city.
    This word is ‘park’ for the city of Chernihiv having more than thousand years old, located in the north of the Ukraine and a very long time ago
    being one of the centers of the Eastern European statehhod and an outpost of European culture on the western border of wild lands. There is the
    trees, public gardens, squares, parks literally at every step in the city and anyone walking on the street cannot hide anywhere from the
    greenery. It’s so harmonic with provincial serenity of the ancient city, creating a cozy, relaxed atmosphere.

    In the downtown of city of Chernihiv, Ukraine.

    + Camera Sigma DP2, 41 mm
    + Exposure f /11, 1/160 s
    + 07/19/2015, 4:29PM
    + Edition size 40×30 cm.


    The trees dancing. 2014.

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    If you peers more closely when strolling through the park or the woods, you can notice that the trunks of a trees that still by its nature can create by its form and combination the forms frozen but full of dynamism at the same time, resembling the dance curdled but ready to continue at any moment. This simple, infinitely capacious and diverse game of the nature reminds the human about the infinite variety of the world and pushes the boundaries of his imagination, understanding and aspirations.
    Landscape Park of Yalivschina, Chernihiv, Ukraine.
    + Camera Fujifilm X-E1, lens Fujinon XF18-55, 27 mm
    + Exposure f/5.6, 1/60 s
    + 08/17/2014, 1:58PM
    + Edition sizes 59х51, 49×42 and 35×30 cm


    The land of forest. 2015.

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    Nature abhors a vacuum, and any mirror is filled with pictures of the world around it reflecting and contrasting. So calm surface of the river atlhough reflecting the forest remains the surface of the river, but shows the paintings of Siverske Polissya in every detail both on a picturesque side and different not always pleasant parts. And if you feel the nature, get into the courage, look into a mirror and look closely – so much could be seen, sometimes not quite the expected…

    + Camera Fujifilm X-E1, lens Fujinon XF18-55, 38 mm
    + Exposure f/11, 1/75 s
    + 08/22/2015, 6:19PM
    + Edition sizes 69×46, 59×34 and 42×24 cm


    Winter forest. 2014.

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    One of those quiet days in the forests of Polissya when it seems the silence could be touched. Winter creeps light inaudible tread with frost covering the branches of trees and the ground are covered with a thin layer of snow. Nature lurking in anticipation of an essential winter with the wind, snow and frost. On such days you can spend hours wandering through the woods, breathing pure fresh air and feeling the unity of all living and non-living nature.

    + Camera Fujifilm X-E1, lens Fujinon XF18-55, 32 mm
    + Exposure f/11, 1/60 s
    + 12/06/2014, 2:13PM
    + Edition sizes 46×46 and 33×33 cm.


    Lanterns of Mariyinskyi Park. Kyiv. 2015.

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    Overcast foggy day often let us accentuate on contrasting geometric minimalism of scenes around us. This is especially true in a man-planned landscapes such as parks. The Mariyinskyi park in the center of Kyiv is crowded and alive usually in good weather and hard to focus on something besides people. Only fog and rain make it possible to enjoy a planned geometrical beauty of this majestic place. Constitution Square, Mariyinskyi Park, Kyiv. 2015.

    + Camera Fujifilm X-E1, lens Fujinon XF18-55, 73 mm
    + Exposure f/11, 1/60 s
    + 03/14/2015, 2:20PM
    + Edition sizes 50х67, 39х52 and 28х37 cm.


    Tendency of Life. 2015.

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    There is young pine warped by life, parched by prairie fires, staying on the edge of Desna meadow full of life and not going to give up. It is filled with the rays of the setting sun every night and demonstrates the enduring, unlimited tendency of life. Nature is fighting to the last, there is no concept of “surrender to the problems.” A striking example for anyone who lowered his hands and lost hope.

    + Camera Fujifilm X-E1, lens Fujinon XF18-55, 28 mm
    + Exposure f/11, 1/60 s
    + 06/06/2015, 7:56PM
    + Edition sizes 67×50, 52×39 and 37x28 cm.


    The Hoarfrost. 2014.

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    Quiet winter day. Nature wrap up everything with thick white frost. Trees and grass are silenced under cover. And the small murmuring river only remains an island of life in the motionless kingdom of winter …

    + Camera Fujifilm X-E1, lens Fujinon XF18-55, 27 mm
    + Exposure f/11, 1/60 s
    + 12/06/2014, 2:29PM
    + Edition sizes 51х59, 42х49 and 30х35 cm.


    Westering. 2014

    ( + )

    Winter sun in the cold air can colorize the sky with a variety of colors, creating a picture of the winter splendor. But this New Year’s Eve show was truly magical – sunlight breaking through the stratus clouds in the south-west and colorizing the sky with an amazing alternation of pastel orange and purple-blue bands of varying thickness. Drooping branches of birch trees with this amazing background created an tranquil atmosphere of quiet winter evening. Amazing light show of nature lasted only a few minutes during which it was possible to find a point of shooting, set up the equipment and get this great shot.

    + Camera Fujifilm X-E1, lens Fujinon XC50-230, 307 mm
    + Exposure f/9, 1/60 s
    + 12/28/2014, 4:40PM
    + Edition sizes 67×50, 52×39 and 37x28 cm.


    Yalivshchyna. Chernihiv. 2014.

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    Autumn in the Yalivshchyna park, Chernihiv, Ukraine.

    + Camera Fujifilm X-E1, lens Fujinon XF18-55, 51 mm
    + Exposure f/8, 1/340 s
    + 10/03/2015, 5:24PM
    + Edition sizes 69×46, 59×34 and 42x24 cm


    Birches. Senkivka. 2010.

    ( + )

    The birch grove near the Senkivka village, Chernihiv region, Ukraine.

    + Camera Sigma DP2, 41 mm
    + Exposure f/5.6, 1/250 s
    + 04/24/2010, 9:34AM
    + Edition sizes 27×41 cm.


    Oak Sky. 2010.

    ( + )

    Ancient oak in the National Botanical Garden, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    + Camera Sigma DP2, 41 mm
    + Exposure f/5.6, 1/1250 s
    + 05/09/2010, 1:53РM
    + Edition sizes 33×33 cm.


    Sofiyivka series II. Uman. 2010.

    ( + )

    The Pink Pavilion on the Island of Love of the Sofiyivka arboretum, Uman, Ukraine.

    + Camera Sigma DP2, 41 mm
    + Exposure f/5.6, 1/160 s
    + 07/19/2010, 2:56РM
    + Edition sizes 33×33 cm.

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