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    Silent lake. 2016.


    The enchanting magic of a quiet summer day and the picturesque lake near Desna river. This is the kind of fertile material by what a nature is ready to fill with and pacify the human soul.

    + Camera Fujifilm X-E1, lens Fujinon XF18-55, 45 mm
    + Exposure f/11, 1/150 s
    + 09/06/2016, 3:38PM
    + Edition sizes 67×50, 52×39 and 37×28 cm

    Evening in grassland. 2016


    The moment is just gorgeous when the setting Sun casts its last rays on clouds. It is charming and gives pleasure, it captures attention and keeps it until the last ray of sunlight.

    + Camera Fujifilm X-E1, lens Fujinon XF18-55, 27 mm
    + Exposure f/6.4, 1/60 s
    + 09/17/2016, 7:10PM
    + Edition sizes 67×50, 52x39 and 37×28 cm

    The Footbridge. Chernihiv. 2014.


    There is a certain magic in the quiet dawn minutes of overcast autumn morning. At this time of day the footbridge in Chernihiv arched beautifully its arc over the misty Desna river together with a chain of lanterns forms rapid geometric figure hanging in the air. Time of silence, fresh air and reflections by himself.

    + Camera Fujifilm X-E1, lens Fujinon XF18-55, 43 mm
    + Exposure f/11, 15 s
    + 08/11/2014, 7:27AM
    + Edition sizes 65×60, 55×50 and 35×32 cm.

    Yours Mayk Podorozhnyk.