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Якщо Вам подобаються мої фотороботи, в Україні Ви можете придбати їх у вигляді готових фотокартин безпосередньо у автора, звернувшись через Фейсбук або е-мейл. Дякую!


Mayk's Photo.Art - travel art photography from Ukraine. Here you can explore artworks and purchase home and lifestyle accesories worldwide. To purchase fine art prints of limited edition please visit my fine art prints gallery.
Mayk's Photo.Art - тревел-арт-фотографія з України. На цьому сайті можна переглянути мої фотороботи. В Україні, щоб придбати фотокартини обмежених накладів, виготовлені на фотопапері у рамі, на холсті або на акрилі, звертайтесь напряму до автора через Фейсбук або е-мейл.

About Andriy Maykovskyi

Andriy Maykovskyi

Welcome to 'Mayk's Photo.Art' online gallery and accessories shop by Andriy Maykovskyi. Thank you for visiting!

I'm travel art photographer living in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Founder of 'Mayk's Photo.Art', member of art association 'Kievphotos-Hall 2012'.
I prefer the photography as a medium because the image on the photo impressed the viewer is based on a real shot, and this presents the viewer a reasonable hope that the miracle exists in reality. As for me the meaning of photography is to convey impressions from what have seen by photographer to another person causing emotions and enriching experience. The works of Ansel Adams, Michael Kenna, Peter Lik, Glynn Davies, Sergey Tumasov inspire me. Favorite sublect matters that inspire are the beauty and the particulars of the world around us.

I'm self-taught photographer shooted from 7 years old and being perfected constantly in photography and post-processing techniques. Road Engineer (Master in Road Construction), Professional Manager (Graduate Diploma in Management of organizations), Certified Coach (Personal Efficiency Issues).

I shoot with Fujifilm X-E1 and Sigma DP2 cameras. All my works go through heavy post-processing with no significant retouche of real picture. I support open source software community so my studio works on elementaryOS (that's Linux), post-processing mainly goes in RawTherapee, Photivo, G-Mic and LightZone open source software. Also I support the development of independent open source Haiku OS developed by hobbyist community, and I plan turn my studio into Haiku in future when it become stable release.

Exhibitions and events:

2019 - personal exposition of fine art prints on 'Rhapsody of Siver Land' art exhibition (September 19 - October 07 2019, art showroom of Chernihiv branch of National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Chernihiv, Ukraine)

2019 - International photo book forum 'ArtPhotoBook '2019', 'Temples of Chernihiv-Sivershchyna' photo album exhibited (September 07 2019, House of Cinematography, Kyiv, Ukraine)

2019 - 'Black'n'White Dimension' exhibition (September 06 - November 2019, Chernihiv branch of National Union of Photo Artists of Ukraine, Chernihiv Art Museum, Chernihiv, Ukraine)

2019 - International salon of art photography 'THE BEST OF B&W 2019' (May 04- June 01 2019, Art association 'Kievphotos-Hall 2012', Art Group 'The Best of B&W' & Art Club 'Vydyvo y Vyno', Central House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine)

2019 - The artist's photo album 'Temples of Chernihiv-Sivershchyna' (published by Desna Polygraph, Chernihiv, 48 pages, premium-quality printing, Ukrainian and English, 500 copies) is issued.

2018 - tHE BEST'2018 exhibition of Art association 'Kievphotos-Hall 2012' (December 2018, art space Lavra Studio, Kyiv, Ukraine)

2018 - personal exposition on KYIVPHOTOWEEK '2018 International photography fair (November 24-26 2018, center 'Toronto-Kyiv', Kyiv, Ukraine)

2018 - FLASHBACK exhibition of experimental and mystical art photography (September 04-30 2018, Art association 'Kievphotos-Hall 2012', art space Lavra Studio, Kyiv, Ukraine)

2018 - 'My Best Picture of 2017' exhibition (April 05-15 2018, National Union of Photo Artists of Ukraine & Art association Kievphotos-Hall 2012, Kyiv Public Library of M. Hohol, Kyiv, Ukraine)

2018 - Personal exhibition of fine arts 'Temples of the Siverian Soul' (March 24 – April 16 2018, Art association 'Kievphotos-Hall 2012' & Art Club 'Vydyvo y Vyno', Central House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine)

2018 - INTERNATIONAL SALON OF ART PHOTOGRAPHY 'ST. VALENTINE’S DAY' (February 10-24 2018, Art association 'Kievphotos-Hall 2012' & Art Club 'Vydyvo y Vyno', Central House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine)

2015 - Personal exhibition of fine arts 'Ukraine: One Soul' (February 19 – May 2015, art gallery 'Vernissage in the Library' of Chernihiv Central City Library of M. Kotsyubynsky, Chernihiv, Ukraine)


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